Sunday, 15 February 2009

Interview and Satellite Boy live on Radio 102


On the way to our charming Røvær gig, we stopped in Haugesund for a live interview with Egil Houeland on Radio 102.

Here's the link to the interview, including an on the spot live version of Satellite Boy.



Saturday, 14 February 2009


Our debut album is finally ready for release and will be in the shops April 20th!

It´s on Your Favourite Music and Sonet.
We hope it will become some of your favourite music!!!

Love C

Happy Valentines Day!

Seeing as today is the day for love and heartthrobs it seemed suitable to start our blog.

We´ve just got home after having played in Haugesund and are feeling tired but happy.

The place we played at last night was a fantastic little island called Røvær with a population of about 90! The crowd was great and we had a lovely time.
Will definitely be going back and would recommend you to take the trip yourself.
It´s only a 25 min. boat trip from Haugesund but is far from the noise and stress of everyday citylife..

Love C