Saturday, 24 July 2010

Torino concert

Hey the concert last night in Torino was a gas! Beautiful weather, great reception from the crowd, and our modest tally of 35 CDs sold out in a crazy 10 minutes. Ingrid Ophelia was getting cramp in her hands from signing autographs. What a lovely, friendly bunch of people in Torino!

Of course, the Kings worked the crowd into a frenzy, and Erlend invited them to meet in the local square after the concert. About 50 people turned up, and Erlend, Eirik and myself gave an impromptu concert/jam. Highlight of that was a great version of Big Star's "Thirteen" by the boys, the obligatory silly version of "I will survive", and a weird version of "so lonely" by The Police.

As it happened, the real police weren't too thrilled in the end and we were asked to stop around 3am.

What a fab night!


Paul x

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  1. Great Paul! What an amazing night! Thanks for your wonderful rendition of 'Dancing Queen', inviting us to create a beat for a 'great dance song'!


  2. I was there, 3 years ago, in Turin. I just came for Kings of Convenience and instead I discovered such a wonderful band with a fantastic singer, You have to add 1 disc to that 35 sold that night, as soon as I came home I bought your CD on iTunes and since then I keep on listening to your beautiful songs.